Irish Luck

Do you have the luck of the Irish? Test your fortunes today in this enchanting new slot game!

Leprechauns increase your fortunes in the Prize Pick Feature with the possibility of winning 10 Free Games. Fairies reward you in the magical Match and Win Feature and Lucky 4 leaf Clovers double your wins! Make today your lucky day!

How to Play

  1. Select the bet per line value by clicking the Bet button. Click the Bet Up or Bet Down button to modify the bet per line, or Max Bet to select the maximum number of bets per line available.
  2. Select the number of lines to play by clicking the Lines button. Click the Line Up or Line Down button to modify the number of lines to play, or Max Lines to select the maximum number of lines available. The maximum number of lines available will be selected by default.
  3. The total stake amount will be the credits per line multiplied by the number of lines you have chosen. For example, if you select 0.02 credits/Line and you decide to play 25 lines, then the total amount staked will be (0.02x25) 0.50 credits. This is shown in the BET area.
  4. Clicking the Help|Paytable button will display the game paytable, a description of the features in the game, the setup of the paylines and any other relevant information about the game.


  1. A single payment only made per winning line. Highest win only on each selected line.
  2. A symbol can contribute to one or more winning lines. The win line payouts are accumulated.
  3. The value of any payout is displayed in the WIN area.
  4. In the case of any malfunction, all bets and winnings are null and void.
  5. All line wins pay left to right.


  • The RTP of the Jackpot is specified in the game's paytable. This is in addition to the RTP of the game.
  • By participating in the Jackpot game you accept the following rules and the terms and conditions displayed on the Casino Operator’s website.
  • Each jackpot game consists of one or more jackpot levels, each with a different prize. Each jackpot level has a Current amount (seed plus progressive amount) and a Minimum amount (seed amount). These levels are displayed in game. After a jackpot level has been won, the jackpot level will reset to its Minimum amount (seed amount). If a Jackpot level has a Maximum amount (seed plus progressive amount), then that jackpot level must be won before that amount is reached.
  • A percentage of the players qualifying bets are taken to fund the Jackpot levels. A portion is used to fund the Minimum amount (seed amount) of each jackpot level. The remaining portion directly increases the Current amount (seed plus progressive amount) of the jackpot levels. This will cause the Jackpot to continue to grow until it is won by a player. These percentages are specified in the game's paytable.
  • The jackpot levels' minimum amounts (seed amount) are specified in the game's paytable.
  • A qualifying bet is any real money, base game spin of any bet amount.
  • The jackpot game meters update regularly to show the current prize value of each jackpot level. Due to communication delays the displayed jackpot level may not be accurate. A player may win more than what is displayed on a jackpot meter and any or all prizes displayed may have already been won by another player. In Rare circumstances a player may be awarded the Minimum jackpot level, as someone else has won the jackpot prize prior to the displayed level being reset.
  • Regardless of any other prizes awarded, for every valid spin with a qualifying bet, one or more jackpot level prizes can be randomly won. Any jackpot level prizes won will be displayed until acknowledged by the player.
  • The handling of unfinished game rounds, inactive sessions and the operation of the Jackpot game, are subject to the terms and conditions. All jackpot prizes are subject to verification by the Casino Operator. All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. The Casino Operator reserves the right to change the rules of the jackpot game at any time.
  • Any gaming hardware or software malfunction or error voids any and all related bets, game wins or jackpot wins. A casino operator can discontinue or terminate a jackpot or jackpot game at any time.
  • The jackpot cannot be won on free spins.

Special Features


Triggered by 3 or more Fairy symbols appear anywhere.
The player selects clover leaves until a pair is revealed, which completes the feature.


Triggered by 3 or more Leprechaun symbols appear anywhere.
Award a prize of up to 100x the total wager or 10 Free Games.


Word Combo line win pays Left to Right on active pay lines, with a maximum prize for I-R-I-S-H.


Four Leaf Clover substitute for all symbols except scattered Leprechaun and Fairy symbols.
Prizes are DOUBLED when the Four Leaf Clover substitutes.

Auto Play

Auto play allows the option to play more than one game without having to continually click the Spin button. Auto play will continue for the number of spins selected.

If there is a win during auto play, the win lines are displayed along with the payout value. The spin button will change to display the number of Auto play games remaining, and also change to a Stop button. Clicking this will end Auto play immediately, or at the end of the spin in progress.

Return To Player (RTP)

The game has an overall RTP of 89.988%

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 11/3/2020